Stoneridge Electronics is highlighting its new mirror replacement system, MirrorEye, at next month’s Freight in the City Expo at Alexandra Palace.

MirrorEye replaces traditional mirrors with cameras and interior displays, which the manufacturer said removes blind spots to give drivers better awareness of vulnerable road users around the vehicle.

Removing side mirrors can also make the vehicle more streamlined and Stoneridge said the improved fuel economy alone would pay for the system and boost an operator’s bottom line.

“Furthermore, due to the angle of the displays being narrower than rear view mirrors, the driver will

spend less time moving their gaze from side to side, thus minimising the time their eyes are off the

road,” the manufacturer added.

Stoneridge said its aim with the system is to “outperform traditional mirrors in all situations”.

Features include a self-cleaning function to eliminate problems with rain and dirt, an advanced

defrosting system for winter driving, night vision to make manoeuvring at night safe and easy and

advanced image handling to minimise difficulties with direct sunlight.

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“With the most advanced panning system on the market, the mirror replacement system can be set up to follow trailers, merging lanes and more. With its clever design, it will always keep track of the image displayed with no latency to ensure a reliable view in the display for the driver,” the manufacturer added.

MirrorEye MainView has been designed to handle class II and IV mirror views (rear views of the vehicle), while MirrorEye TopView is designed, for classes V and VI (front and side views of the vehicle).