Advances in ‘smart detection’ technology, could sound the death-knoll for ‘dumb’ ultra-sonic sensors, which can not differentiate between moving and static objects.

With the advent of the DVS/HGV Safety Permits and the desire for operators to utilise equipment that “Should not activate in relation to roadside furniture”, many are now questioning whether ultra-sonic/’side-scan’ systems should still be employed, especially when new ‘smart’ technology can be as cost effective and significantly more effective.

It’s widely accepted that the high False Alarm rates of ultra-sonic/’side-scan’ sensors mean that many drivers ignore alarms, or even disable systems/speakers.

Clearly this is not acceptable behaviour and compromises road safety potentially resulting in accidents and incidents (many of which are fatal / life changing).

Historically, ‘smart’ alternatives to ultra-sonic sensors have been prohibitively expensive. However, this is no longer the case and optical detection is now both cost effective and reliable.


Cycle-Safe™ is an example of this new technology, which differentiates between static and moving objects. The system only ‘alarms’ if a Vulnerable Road User (all types) becomes a hazard to the driver, significantly reducing driver workload.

Another benefit of combined detection and vision, is much quicker and neater installation, without the need for multiple holes/sensors down the side of the vehicle.

With the advent of affordable ‘smart’ detection systems, like Cycle-Safe™, UK roads are set to become safer for all.