Motor Transport has teamed up with Brigade Electronics to bring operators running into London a webinar on TfL's Direct Vision Standard to be held on 19 May 2020.

From February 2021 it is expected an estimated 250,000 trucks over 12 tonnes GVW running into Greater London must have a Direct Vision Standard (DVS) permit.

DVS will rate trucks from zero to five stars on the amount of visibility drivers have from their cab of other road users around their vehicle, such as cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Although DVS will be implemented in October 2020, due the coronavirus TfL has agreed to delay enforcement until the end of February next year to give operators more time to comply.

Once in force, DVS will require all lorries to reach a minimum one star to enter the capital, or be fitted with a compliant Safe System relying on cameras and sensors.

Failure to comply could result in fines of £550 per day per vehicle.

Motor Transport’s webinar, in partnership with Brigade Electronics, will explore your key questions and give you the opportunity to hear from our panel of experts on the topic.

The debate will be hosted by MT editor Steve Hobson and will feature presentations from:

  • DAF Trucks on how trucks can comply with the standard and achieve the various star ratings
  • Brigade Electronics on what a Safe System looks like and how existing trucks can be retrofitted
  • The FTA on whether the DVS is the best way to achieve the goal of improving road safety

Operators taking part will be encouraged to give their views on whether the implementation of the standard should be delayed or modified further which the FTA will be to use in its lobbying of TfL.

The webinar is free to join so register your place now.