As operators race to adopt new working patterns created by the delivery demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, efficient route planning has never been more important.

A new on-demand tool could be just the answer for fleet managers looking for a simple, no-commitment way to ensure busy fleets are optimised to the max with fluctuating daily volumes.

My Transport Planner is an online transport planning system that will enable organisations of all sizes to increase vehicle utilisation, cut costs and reduce emissions from road transport.

Using the software as a service (SaaS) model, My Transport Planner is a pay-as-you-go solution, and costs less to use than the savings it generates.

It costs just 99p per vehicle per day, yet operators can look to see total fleet mileage savings of up to 20%, according to the technology firm behind the concept The Algorithm People.

It is more efficient than manual planning yet does not require any of the integration or installation of many route optimisation solutions, making it a good fit for those currently working remotely.

Motor Transport, official media partner for My Transport Planner, is hosting a short online webinar on 5 May to help operators understand how the system works and ask any questions online.

Andy Salter, MD of MT publisher DVV Media International, said: “My Transport Planner is a truly innovative product which has the potential to transform the efficiency of road transport and logistics operators in the UK and beyond.

“An on-demand, web-based, user-friendly solution takes away any potential concerns over long-term contracts, training and installation. And best of all it delivers a near-instant return on investment.”

Simply register today to take part in the free webinar and find out how My Transport Planner could work for your operation.