The Road Haulage Association is the only UK trade association dedicated to the operators of road freight. It has over 7000 member companies in membership who, between them, account for approximately 250,000 UK-registered heavy goods vehicles.

Membership is wide and varied ranging from owner-operators to those operating fleets in excess of 3000 vehicles.

The RHA is dedicated to providing advice, information and support to the industry that is responsible for moving 95% of the UK economy. It has a strong policy team that lobbies hard on behalf of members and the industry as a whole. The Association works tirelessly to make the voice of the industry heard in the corridors of Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff and is recognised as an industry force to be reckoned with.


In addition to lobbying activities, the RHA is in a strong position to use its buying powers to negotiate exclusive savings on a range of key haulage services, saving members time and money.

Whether you're operating HGVs, a small fleet of vans or providing a product or service to the industry, there's a membership package tailored to meet your business needs.

As we know, haulage operators are perennial targets for high taxes, more regulation and controls. Legislation governing the industry increases on an almost daily basis. We now have a lengthy green agenda and climate change. And of course, with Brexit looming, the RHA is at the forefront of ensuring as seamless transition as possible as approach 2019 and the UKs departure from the EU.

Trucks are essential to the UK economy - and that must be recognised. We are proud to have a road haulage profession that is efficient, responsive and perhaps the safest in Europe - and we aim to ensure that it stays that way.

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The RHA is the recognised voice of the UK road transport industry – join us and make it even stronger. Visit www.rha.uk.net or contact Simon Stainsby, New Business Development Manager on 01506 420978, s.stainsby@rha.uk.net.