Logistics training specialist SP Training has claimed its first online CPC course generated "unprecedented multinational demand".

The course was developed after the DVSA announced the suspension of classroom training due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but as a temporary alternative would allow approved trainers authorisation to deliver accepted courses remotely via digital platforms.

The online course attracted drivers from four different nations, the company said, including one participant from Germany, as drivers scrambled to get urgent qualifications to secure employment.

The first course was delivered using the Zoom interactive platform and attracted drivers from England, Scotland, Wales and Germany.

SP Training is planning a total of four full instructor-led courses this week with numbers expected to double next week.

The approved modules are split into 3.5-hour sessions to encourage driver engagement and delivered in a live webinar style.

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Robin Brown (pictured), SP Training chairman, said: “There is a huge demand from drivers who urgently need their Driver CPC qualifications to either keep driving in their current job role or to apply for new positions.

"Our courses are enabling drivers to get back on the road and contribute to the fight against COVID-19 as many retailers and the NHS need more drivers but some are out of date with their Driver CPC so can’t legally drive.

“Additionally, drivers that are furloughed can update their qualifications in anticipation of getting back to work, meaning they won’t need time off from work to train when we eventually get back to normal. Remote training options allow drivers to undergo training while isolating and social distancing.”

Thomas Carmichael, a driver on the first course, said: “I thought it was very good, probably paid more attention than a normal classroom course and actually took more information onboard.

"I’m a civil engineer and have been furloughed so I wanted to get caught up on my CPC, make sure I was fully qualified and available to help out delivering goods if needed.”