London collection and recycling firm O’Donovan Waste Disposal is now under Swedish ownership after Sortera made its first UK acquisition.

The purchase is part of Sortera’s ambitions to expand into European cities and become a leading company in collection and recycling of construction waste.

Sebastian Wessman, Sortera chief executive, said: “We are very happy to now join forces with O’Donovan.

“For a long time, they have carried out impressive work, to become one of the leading and most prominent construction recyclers in London.

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“O’Donovan has a strong customer focus and their systematic work with environment and health and safety has resulted in several prestigious awards, as well as a strong reputation among both customers and employees.”

Wessman added: “I am proud to grow Sortera with a company who share our values of strong customer focus and a sustainable approach to business. We wish all employees at O’Donovan a warm welcome to the Sortera family.”

O’Donovan’s MD, Jacqueline O’Donovan, said she was looking forward to developing its business under its new ownership: “Sortera will give us the right preconditions to continue our successful development path and to enable new investments and development initiatives,” she added.