SJ Bargh has revealed another win in the dairy sector, with the news that it has renewed its contract with Dairy Crest.

It comes a week after the business revealed it had signed its first totally organic milk collection contract with the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative.

The contract extension sees SJ Bargh collecting both ordinary and organic milk from farms in Dairy Crest’s North Midland’s milk field. The deal builds on an eight year relationship between the two parties.

The logistics firm will then deliver the raw milk to UK dairies for use in producing branded products such as Cathedral City cheese and Clover spread.

Michael Sidley, commercial director at SJ Bargh, says: “In order to deliver the most efficient operation to Dairy Crest we have looked to make practical improvements wherever possible.

“One example is to improve the pumping efficiency of our tankers by fitting the latest technology to enable the tankers to collect around 1,000 litres of milk per minute, in comparison to a number of years ago when this was just 416 litres per minute.”