EETS image

Shell has launched a new European electronic tolling solution (EETS) for heavy-duty fleets to help simplify the complexity of cross-border toll payments.

It is designed to enable drivers to manage tolls in more than 10 countries across Europe and to ensure that fleet managers can keep track of a range of fuel and non-fuel purchases. These include toll payments - along with Shell Fuel Card expenses - with a single set of invoices in their own currency, managed through Shell Fleet Hub.

The tailored nature of the offering means that fleet managers can work collaboratively with Shell’s team of international services experts to match the Shell EETS solution to the geographical needs of their fleet. The service’s automatic updates mean that more countries can be remotely added as interoperability increases and fleet needs evolve over time.

The end-to-end solution requires fleet managers to complete a single registration form. Shell’s team of experts will then manage orders and provide fleet managers with a comprehensive overview of their EETS.

Fleets can also take advantage of easy access to the latest tolling news and guidance, toll calculators, VAT refund and excise duty recovery, truck parking and breakdown assistance.

Explained Sarah Llewelyn, UK sales manager, Shell Fleet Solutions: “Despite current challenges, fleets across the country have been working tirelessly, crossing borders to meet demands and delivery schedules. However, as we now face a period of economic uncertainty, it’s pivotal that fleets generate both cost and time efficiencies wherever possible.

“As Europe’s toll systems are notoriously challenging and the risk of accruing fines ever prevalent, our tolling solution is designed to help fleet managers and drivers save both time and reduce costs. By leveraging over 30 years of experience and long-standing relationships with major providers across the continent, we can support customers in simplifying the process, from registration to Shell Card integration to consolidated invoicing. Our team of experts are committed to finding a bespoke solution, truly compatible with the needs of your fleet."