Senior traffic commissioner (TC) Beverley Bell has welcomed the DfT pledge to make greater use of the Compliance Forum in influencing Vosa enforcement policy.

Regarding the Work of the Vehicle Operating Standards Agency report and last week’s government response, she said: “TCs will consider carefully the government’s response to the Transport Select Committee report but we are pleased to note that the Compliance Forum is recognised as a means by which the senior TC, along with other stakeholders, can influence the delivery of enforcement by Vosa.

“At the Transport Select Committee hearing, I said TCs had concerns about what Vosa was doing to target the serially and seriously non-compliant.

“We retain concerns around this type of illegal activity and I will therefore use the Compliance Forum to explore these matters further.”

After concerns were raised by the committee over how effective the forum had been to date, the government promised to publish the terms of reference for it and make greater use of

it to involve stakeholders in informing future Vosa enforcement policy.

Bell added: “The relationship between TCs and Vosa is a key part of our work. It is vital that we engage at an early stage and work together.”