Calais truckstop

Hauliers heading to Calais now have the option of parking securely after a truckstop opened with 3m high fences, guard dogs and CCTV surveillance cameras.

La Londonienne Secure Truck Park opened on 1 March and has the capacity for 135 HGVs, with security infrastructure installed by smart-payment firm SNAP Access and Security.

Jean Pierre Devigne, CEO of France-based RDV Transport, founded the truck park and he said drivers also had access to vehicle repair and truck washing facilities and tyre changing. Site operators will also assist with customs documents for cross-Channel trips.

Other facilities include showers, toilets, laundromat, cooking facilities and a vending machine.

Devigne said: “We are looking forward to welcoming truck drivers from across Europe, including SNAP customers and providing them with our high level of facilities.”

Snap helped La Londonienne achieve a gold level security certificate from EU parking standard ESPORG and a TAPA parking place operator status. It said it aimed to obtain additional TAPA security ratings in the future.

Snap said it had installed a front and rear ANPR system at La Londonienne, which monitors the entrance and exit and links to vehicle barriers and Snap Payment Terminals inside the main building.

It said the site also had internal and external CCTV cameras, fences and five security guards patrolling the park with guard dogs.

Calais has become a focal point for would-be stowaways trying to reach the UK in recent years.

In 2021, Northampton firm EM Rogers said one of its trucks was attacked by a mob of immigrants in the French town, causing extensive damage.

Nick Long, European network manager at Snap, told “With the migrant issue around Calais not seeing any sign of change, the ability to have new secure truck stops like La Londonienne gives hauliers confidence that their cargo is safe before they transit onwards to the UK or back into Europe.

“The number of trucks in the region previously made it difficult to find safe and secure parking, but new sites like La Londonienne eases pressure on transport companies.”