Proposals for an independent Scotland include a promise to renationalise the Royal Mail, examine a fuel duty regulator and streamline government services including Vosa.

In the White Paper ‘Scotland’s Future’, the pro-independence lobby said that the Scottish government were opposed to the October privatisation of Royal Mail – as it was “a shared asset that belonged to all parts of the UK”.

It added that “a privatised Royal Mail threatens the quality of service and risks further increasing the price of postage”. A renationalising process for Royal Mail’s activities in Scotland would begin if the yes vote for independence succeeded.

In regards to fuel duty, the white paper only stated that “with independence, the Scottish government will examine the benefits of introducing a fuel duty regulator mechanism to stabilise prices for businesses”.

Finally, it promises the creation of a Scottish Motor Services Agency, merging the DVLA, DSA, Vosa and the Vehicle Certification Agency. It claims that by the end of the first term of an independent parliament, design and development work will have been completed, withthe new Agency going live in the early second parliament of an independent Scotland.

The referendum will be held on 18 September 2014.

In July, Scottish hauliers expressed to fears for the viability of their businesses if Scotland votes for independence.