Scania CSI prize winner

Scania has developed an updated Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) system to help managers improve network performance and response times to customer queries.

The system provides Scania’s managers with instant access to customers’ feedback via an online portal and individual managers are alerted when a customer wants an immediate response.

The system was developed after the manufacturer identified that responses were taking too long to filter through the old CSI system, which was developed more than 20 years ago, often meaning that responses were outdated.

Harjinder Atwal, Scania (GB) director- services development and service sales (pictured left with prize winner Truck Rent's Richard Simpson), said: “Our new CSI system has been created to ensure that feedback is seen by the appropriate manager, or managers, as soon as possible in order that appropriate action can be taken without delay.”

Scania is currently running a monthly prize draw to help promote the system.