Scania Group has made a SEK 3.8bn (£334m) provision in relation to the European Commission’s (EC’s) truck cartel investigation, but contests the EC's view that it was involved in price-fixing.

The manufacturer said in a statement: "Scania has fully cooperated with the European Commission during the investigation. However, Scania contests the commission’s view that the company has entered into a pan-European agreement with other manufacturers with regard to pricing.

“Also, the company has not delayed the introduction of new engines compliant with EU-legislation for exhaust emissions.

“The company will fully exercise its rights of defence in the ongoing investigation.”

Last week the EC handed out a €2.9bn (£2.5m) fine to five major truck manufacturers, after finding they had colluded for 14 years on truck pricing and passing on the cost of emissions technology to customers.

The EC last week held its decision on whether Scania was involved as investigations continued.