The appetite for same-day deliveries among online shoppers is on the increase, which is threatening to leave retailers slow to react far behind, ParcelHero has warned.

Its research into delivery options showed 58% of consumers now believe same-day deliveries are important, up from 56% in 2022 and just 33% in 2020.

In addition, 65% expect next-day delivery options and 60% want specific, two-hour time slots.

However, ParcelHero said its results came as some retailers appeared to be slowing down plans to offer same-day delivery slots and Amazon had introduced new fees on its same-day deliveries for Prime members.

David Jinks, head of consumer research at ParcelHero, said: “Back in July 2021, the former Marks & Spencer boss Steve Rowe announced – to some fanfare – that the store would become the first big fashion chain to offer nationwide, same-day deliveries.

“He told the press that it would mean shoppers could get clothes they need, from lingerie to school uniforms, within hours. So far, there’s little to indicate M&S nationwide same-day clothing deliveries are happening any day soon.

“Clearly, the number of retailers offering a same-day option must increase as consumer demand becomes more insistent.”

Earlier this month, DHL revamped its international same day service for UK customers with emergency delivery needs or with items that cannot be sent through the Express network.

The global same-day delivery service market is expected to grow to $22.6bn (£18.4bn) by 2030.