damaged sign

Road users are being urged to report poor road signs on motorways and A-roads in a bid to force Highways England to improve signage across the UK’s major roads network.

The Sort My Sign campaign, launched by Transport Focus, aims to pressure Highways England to make signs, including electronic signs, clearer to improve safety and reduce driver stress.

The information from road users will be used by Transport Focus to create a map identifying poor signs which will be used to press Highways England to make improvements.

Transport Focus is calling for Highways England to sort broken or inaccurate signs reported by road users, provide better information during delays and unexpected disruption and review the existing standards for signs on motorway and major ‘A’ roads.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said: “We want to hear from road users about signs and information that aren’t up to scratch. We’ll use what you say to press Highways England to make journeys easier and safer.

“There is nothing more frustrating than missing your turnoff because the sign was hidden behind a tree or missing crucial information. While we have some of the safest roads there are still too many signs which are broken, confusing or out of date. If it’s not clear, it’s not safe.”