Steve Granite from Abbey Logistics talking to school kids

The transport and logistics industry is simply not 'hip' enough to attract new talent and needs a complete makeover if it is to compete successfully with other sectors for new recruits in coming years, professional services firm PwC has warned.

In a new report, Winning the Talent Race, PwC suggests the transport and logistics sector is suffering from a poor image, including the perception of low pay and poor prospects.

Pay is a particular sticking point: while the average salary of someone working in the finance sector in the UK might be in excess of £51,000, the average in the transport and logistics field is just over £28,000, says PwC.

It also suggests there are still real issues in recruiting women into some roles in logistics, for example as truck drivers.

PwC's research indicates that as things stand, there is only a low probability of people finding the transport and logistics sector attractive to work in by 2030.

A recent analysis of Driving Standards Agency test data by MT's sister title Commercial Motor revealed the number of drivers taking Catergory C and C+E tests had plummeted by more than half in the past five years to 43,094.  The combined pass rate fell 45% to 21,749 in the same period.