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Webfleet’s EV fleet management solution is helping delivery drivers at organic veg box company Riverford avoid EV range anxiety by managing the company’s routes more efficiently.

The software is helping Riverford to track the location of the 65-strong fleet of delivery vans, as well as monitoring battery health, driving range and real-time energy consumption and navigating drivers to their nearest charge point when they’re running low.

The company has already electrified almost a third of its fleet and is on track to become a 100% final mile electric delivery fleet by 2025.

James Welton, Riverford fleet manager, said: “Riverford has always had sustainability at its heart, and the health of people and planet is a top priority for us.

“With Webfleet, we’re putting this into action by helping to take the stress out of anticipating charging needs for our drivers.”

Webfleet’s integral OptiDrive functionality also gives drivers direct feedback on speed, steering and braking before, during and after their trip, helping them to drive more safely and efficiently.

Welton said: “We find OptiDrive really useful as it gives us a clearly illustrated breakdown of our drivers’ performance, so we can offer specific coaching and support where it is needed.

A Mantis live camera system is integrated with the Webfleet platform, giving Riverford the vehicle and video data they need in one convenient dashboard.

“The Mantis evidence centre gives us easy access to important video footage, enabling us to constantly review and improve safety for our drivers,” Welton added.

Telematics specialists and Webfleet approved partner In Car Technology advised on both solution and installation.

Andy Butt, installation manager at In Car Technology said: “We’ve built a bespoke infrastructure to help Riverford raise the bar in fleet safety, efficiency and compliance. The solution is already delivering on these business objectives in spades.”

Beverley Wise, Webfleet regional director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, said: “Innovation and a progressive mindset are vital for successful transport decarbonisation. Riverford have grasped the baton, bringing us another strong example of how data-driven mobility solutions can help us pivot towards a more sustainable future.”

Webfleet’s open integration capabilities means the system is future proofed, said Welton. “Looking ahead, it’s great to know that the system allows for integration of other solutions too, without us having to worry about switching to a new platform,” he added.