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The RHA has handed in a petition to 10 Downing Street this week, which has over 20,000 signatories calling for more safe and secure parking for truckers.

Dozens of MPs are also backing the campaign and have signed an open letter, co-ordinated by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Road Freight and Logistics, which calls for improved facilities and argues this should be central to the government’s plans to recruit, train and support commercial vehicle drivers.

The MPs have also signed the RHA's petition which is calling for the government to do more to tackle the poor standards commercial vehicle drivers experience at service stations and truck stops.

The RHA is also pushing for more safe and secure parking and estimate a shortage of 11,000 spaces across the country.

Richard Smith, RHA MD said: “We’re delighted with the support we’re getting from parliamentarians, businesses, people in our industry and the public for our campaigning to secure better driver facilities on our roads.

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“Commercial vehicle drivers are vital to our economy so better food, toilets, showers, and somewhere safe and secure to sleep are the very least they deserve.

“We’d like to thank the APPG and thousands in our industry for backing our campaign as we press the Government to help us kick-start a new culture for drivers to feel safer and more respected.

Greg Smith MP, Chair of the APPG on Road Freight and Logistics, (pictured at 10 Downing Street) said: “A key element of the issues around driver recruitment and retention is the poor state of our roadside facilities. It is imperative the UK ups our game, ensuring drivers have safe, secure, comfortable, and affordable options that they know they can rely on.”

Firms including service station giants, Moto have also signed up to the campaign and endorsed the RHA petition to the Prime Minister which has the support of nearly 20,000.

Ken McMeikan, Moto Hospitality chief executive, said: “Moto are absolutely delighted to support this campaign. We have believed for a long time that the UK’s unsung heroes have been the HGV drivers and they deserve, given the challenges of their role, good, secure conditions where they can rest, eat, sleep and shower.

"That’s not too much to ask but sadly they are very wanting at the moment in many parts of the UK and we all have to do more.”

The RHA has also joined forces with road transport software specialist Mandata to launch a quest to find "The UK’s Kindest Town".

They’re asking truckers and others in the industry to nominate their kindest town based on their experiences, including access to safe parking, food and showers.