The RHA and local member Steve Porter Transport took a truck to Newport for the start of the Isle of Wight cylcing festival on 14 September to get cyclists in the cab and demonstrate the blind spots faced by LGV drivers.

Part of the RHA's cycle safety campaign, the initiative is part of a series of events bringing together cyclists and operators so both groups understand each other's concerns.

The demonstration was attended by Rob Flello MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Transport Group (pictured left), who called for greater understanding between LGV operators and cyclists, and RHA director of policy Jack Semple (right), who argued that just fitting  more sensors to trucks was too simplistic a solution.

“Our aim is to bridge the gap in understanding between cyclists and the haulage industry. We take every opportunity to remind our members of the constant need to be aware of cyclists moving around their vehicles; and there is a need for cyclists to have a better understanding of HGVs,” said RHA area manager Rhys Williams, who helped organise the event. “That was clearly evident again on Saturday.