The RHA has said that if MPs don't back a private members bill being tabled today (16 October), which calls for the tax take on fuel to be printed on every forecourt receipt, they will need to provide a clear reason why they have vetoed it.

Robert Halfon, Conservative MP for Harlow, and founder of the PetrolPromise campaign, is calling for the complete tax breakdown (duty and VAT) to be printed on all till receipts issued by fuel retailers.

“This initiative will serve as a real wake up call to all users of road fuels; petrol or diesel,” said RHA head of media relations, Kate Gibbs.

“This is a move that could benefit the economy in general and the road haulage sector in particular as customers will see that they are getting the best possible rate for the job.

"If the motion is vetoed today then we would need to ask for a clear case to be highlighted as to why the government won’t make the cost of fuel transparent,” said Gibbs.

FairFuelUK (FFUK) is also backing Halfon’s Bill.

“Tens of thousands of FFUK supporters are supporting this move. A fill up of £85.34 (61 litres at £1.39) is made up of a staggering £49.57 in combined VAT and fuel duty – the fuel itself is only £35.77.  The battle to get these figures shown on the till receipt is the first step in our fight to stop the government adding a further 3p a litre in fuel duty on 1 January,” said FFUK founder Peter Carroll.

Halfon will be tabling the Bill at 12.30pm today.