HGV drivers have once again voted Glasgow as the best city to deliver to in the UK, citing good traffic conditions, access and layout.

The Scottish city topped the list, with more than one in 10 drivers (12%) polled giving it their vote.

Manchester came second with 9% of the vote and Liverpool moved into third above London, with 6%.

HGV driver Bryan Greig in Dundee, said: “Everything is pretty near a major road in Glasgow.

“Wherever you’re going, you're not far from the dual carriageway.”

Cashless payment system SNAP said truck drivers remain under immense supply chain pressure to maintain demanding haulage schedules and it compiled the data to find out which cities were easing delivery pressures.

“Glasgow has set the standard for other UK cities,” said Mark Garner, SNAP MD. “Replicating the traffic prevention methods and road layout in other big cities could ease the burden on HGV drivers at a time when the haulage industry is under pressure and needs assistance.”

A similar poll conducted last year also saw Glasgow taking the top spot.

The top 10 delivery cities:

1. Glasgow

2. Manchester

3. Liverpool

4. London

5. Edinburgh

6. Milton Keynes

7. Coventry

8. Newcastle

9. Nottingham

10. Birmingham