Renault Trucks will make its Freight in the City Expo debut in London next month, highlighting its range of safety-focused distribution vehicles designed for urban operations.

On its stand will be a 32-tonne Range C430 8x4 tipper with a Wilcox insulated aggregate body fitted with a host of safety devices.

These include a 360º five-camera recording system - which also works as a blind spot and reversing camera; Cycle Minder with audio left-turn warning; BBS reverse alarm (white noise); front and rear LED amber strobe units; and an overhead high voltage detection warning.

Alongside it will be a 3.5-tonne Renault Trucks Master panel van, with voice-synthesised turning-left alarm, full-length nearside pedestrian/cyclist proximity sensors and rear proximity sensors with rear stalk light.

“Attending Freight in the City underlines our commitment to urban freight and distribution,” said Nigel Butler, commercial director at Renault Trucks UK.

“The Renault Trucks range, from 2.8 tonnes to 44 tonnes, meets the demands of businesses that deliver in built-up areas.”

He added that Renault Trucks understands the challenges faced by operators working in areas like London, and is  “proud to showcase our intelligent vehicle design and the enhanced safety features that make a difference for all road users”.

Butler said that while Renault Trucks is pleased to see that London mayor Sadiq Khan is pushing for EU-wide safety standards for HGVs and welcomes any measure that improves vulnerable road user safety, his recent comments were unhelpful.

“The tone of Mr Khan’s comments that ‘dangerous 1970s lorries have no place on the street in the 21st century’ is very disappointing in that it is grossly misleading,” he added.

“Today’s trucks are operated by some very professional safety conscious operators and benefit from over thirty years of technological advancement that have dramatically improved road safety for all.”

Freight in the City Expo takes place on 2 November at Alexandra Palace, London. Book your free place today!