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Boroughbridge, Yorkshire food distribution firm Reed Boardall has been granted planning approval for a 110,000ft² extension to one of its cold stores.

A spokeswoman for the company told the firm had no concrete plan to build the extension, but simply wanted to be ready to expand if necessary.

“There are changes in the supply chain, with people shopping more frequently and shopping at smaller stores, which are putting certain pressures on the supply chain in terms of delivering more often and in smaller quantities,” she explained. “They just want to be able to adapt if they need to, to meet customer needs.”

The planning approval is valid for three years and if built, the extension at Cold Store 4 (pictured) would provide an extra 30,000 pallets of storage. The Boroughbridge site currently offers a capacity of 142,000 pallets across its four cold stores.

Reed Boardall first applied for approval on the extension in October  2014.