Reed Boardall

Frozen food storage and distribution business Reed Boardall Group says it has extended cold store capacity at its 55-acre site in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, to 142,000 pallets with a new 102,000ft² building that incorporates 14 additional loading docks.

The new store, which opened in October, has cost the firm around £14m but increases its total pallet capacity by around 30%, said Garry Tilburn, MD of Reed Boardall Cold Storage. “We were struggling for space before,” he admitted.

It has been fitted out with seven-high mobile racking with a top beam height of 12.5m, allowing one extra pallet level to be incorporated compared to the 10.5m top beam height elsewhere on the site.

The additional building, which is already over a third full, will create around 100 new jobs though it’s not yet clear how this will break down between drivers and warehouse staff, said Tilburn.