A simple yet ingenious plastic cover for the tips of forklift truck tines could save thousands of pounds in damage to palletised loads, according to the manufacturer SumoSafe.

SumoSafefork and SumoGlove use industrial grade polyurethane tips fitted to a lift truck's forks to significantly reduce the effect of an accidental impact of the forks against a load. They are compatible with all common makes and size of forklift tine. 

“The SumoSafe range includes a number of simple, innovative designs that make a real difference to any forklift operator’s business – both in terms of safety and the cost savings that can be made by cutting or even eliminating product damage,” said SumoSafe co-founder Simon Ross. "Forklift-related product damage within the supply chain is a significant and expensive issue for a great many businesses. In fact, it is probably a bigger problem than the industry is prepared to admit with companies in a broad range of sectors suffering huge bottom-line losses every year as a result of careless handling.”

The SumoSafe range also includes:

• SumoVision – improves an operator’s forward visibility even when sight lines are obscured by a large bulky load;

• SumoLevel - a forklift mast tilt indicator system designed to reduce the accidental damage and associated safety risks during the pallet picking and put-away process;

• SumoBackbone – a protective device that can be retrofitted to any make or model of lift truck to minimise the risks to operators if a truck is hit from behind or reverses into a stationary object.