A lorry driver who left a man with serious head injuries after attacking him with a ratchet in a “horrendous attack” has received a suspended jail sentence.

Tom Adams, 51, lost his temper when he noticed a man filming lorries, including his own, parked on a road in Peterborough in April 2023.

Adams became aggressive towards the man, who explained he wasn’t filming Adams specifically, only the dangerous situation he believed the trucks were creating by parking on the road.

Adams returned to his lorry cab where he grabbed a ratchet and approached the man. The victim attempted to push him away, but the driver struck him twice to the back of the head, causing deep lacerations. The victim called police who immediately arrested Adams, while the victim was taken to hospital.

Adams, of Creech St Michael in Taunton, Somerset, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent at Peterborough Crown Court on 26 April.

He was sentenced to six months in prison suspended for 18 months.

Detective Constable Thomas Adams, who investigated the incident, said: “Adams’ level of aggression and violence towards the victim was horrendous and completely uncalled for.

“The victim received substantial head injuries and it’s lucky he got to hospital when he did.

“We will not tolerate such acts of violence in our county and will always work hard to bring perpetrators before the courts.”