10) Humberto Delgado Rosa - Director for adaptation to climate change and low carbon technology,  DG Climate Action, European Commission

Who we here you say? Delgado Rosa is one of the most influential European policy wonks you will never have heard of.

When asking the question: ‘Where next for heavy truck emissions standards post Euro-6’? Everyone agrees it will be carbon rather than NOx and particulate emissions and the way this is implemented will be driven as much by the Directorate General for Climate Action - the European Commission department responsible for the EU meeting its climate change targets - as DG Transport.

Among  policies it can take credit for are introducing rolling resistance limits and tyre labelling requirements as well as proposing that tyre pressure monitors made mandatory on new vehicles. It is all part of a wide range of EU policies to lower emissions.

Delgado Rosa warned a conference last year that the EC expects a 60% cut in carbon emission from road transport by 2050 and freight will not be exempt. The danger facing heavy truck manufacturers and operators is that the EC will fall into the trap of seeing trucks as big cars and simply impose limits of the grammes of CO² that can be emitted per kilometre, ignoring the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Let’s hope the mandarins in Brussels see sense.