11) Geoff Dunning, chief exec, RHA  and 12) Theo de Pencier, chief exec, FTA

While the year-end disappointment of the failure to get a cut in fuel duty may rankle, with hindsight the joint campaigning between the industry’s pre-eminent trade associations (fronted by the FairFuelUK lobby) may be seen as a masterstroke. During this time of “austerity Britain”; “We’re all in it together” and “fixing the roof while the sun shines” holding off a lucrative tax rise for the Treasury is a job well done.

The RHA has picked its battles well. Tackling the proposed A14 toll proved to be another victory, when the government scrapped plans for a tolled section, and speaking of tolls – it was able to offer its members free passage on the M6 toll in July.

Equally, it has not been scared to take a controversial stance on behalf of its members – in February it made the move that saw any business that enters into an agreement with its creditors or conducts a pre-pack administration have its membership cancelled with immediate effect.

Dunning’s tenure as chief executive will come to an end this year (2014) so the concern is to find a steady, but strong hand. On that problem alone we rank Dunning’s influence higher than de Pencier, whose management style is to thrust his more than able team into the spotlight depending on the issue.