Potter Logistics' planning agent has written once again to Selby District Council to restate the firm’s objections to a planned residential development at Olympia Park in North Yorkshire, following the release of an updated noise report on the site.

The residential development, plans for which were submitted in May last year by BOCM Pauls, would see hundreds of new homes and a number of leisure facilities built directly adjacent to Potter Group’s existing site, including restaurants, sports and play areas, allotments and a public  house.

Potter Group and site tenant Clipper Logistics both raised objections to the development soon after on the grounds that it would lead to direct conflicts with local residents in terms of traffic and noise and could ultimately result in operating restrictions being placed upon them.

In July this year, Potter’s agent Keogh Planning wrote to Selby District Council to restate these objections, pointing out that future plans to expand its operations at the site, along with plans by Clipper Logistics to move to 24-hour operation, would increase rail and LGV traffic movements there.

The letter also questioned the findings of a recent noise impact assessment and raised concerns about transport infrastructure plans at the site.

Both the noise impact assessment and the transport assessments have since been revised, but Potter Group remains highly concerned, the fresh letter from Keogh Planning has made clear.

Objections remain

“Our initial review of the [revised] noise report reinforces our previous objection to the scheme,” it states. “We are particularly concerned at the conclusion in the noise report that the unattenuated night-time noise levels from the Potter and Cemex sites are likely to give rise to complaints in the completed residential scheme.

“Similarly, our initial review of the revised transportation assessment indicates that our concerns… have not been addressed.”

A spokeswoman for Potter Group declined to comment further.

In July, Keith Dawson, director of community services at Selby, indicated that a recommendation on the planning application would be made before the end of the year.