Logistics firm Polaris Logistics & Distribution has taken delivery of five new S.CS Mega curtainside trailers after being impressed with their flexibility and fuel economy.

The Manchester-based firm, which is part of the Polaris Group said it decided to return to Schmitz Cargobull after being disappointed with equipment from its previous manufacturer.

The tri-axle trailers are replacing these older assets and have been specified to make the most efficient use of the interior load space on each job.

Schmitz Cargobull’s Varios Top technology allows the driver to easily adjust the trailer’s roof height in 50mm increments – with hook and loop fasteners on the curtains enabling easy adjustment for different body heights.

The roof can be raised when extra load space is required or lowered to make the trailer as aerodynamic as possible when carrying compact loads, helping to optimise fuel efficiency.

The new curtainsider trailers also come with a lifting roof which can be raised on one or both sides for forklift loading, or slid open for crane loading through the roof.

Adam Barry, Polaris MD said: “We weren’t completely happy with our previous supplier so when we needed to upgrade the fleet, we looked carefully at our options.

“We’ve operated Schmitz Cargobull trailers in the past and have always been impressed with how robust they are. When I approached the team again, they worked closely with us to achieve the perfect specification.

“Our work varies day to day, so the added versatility these trailers bring is fantastic. By adjusting the roof height to suit the load, we are seeing instant fuel savings of up to £150 a week – reducing our running costs and improving our sustainability.

“Plus, being height-adjustable helps to set us apart from our competitors and gives us the opportunity to work on a far wider range of jobs.”

Built on Schmitz Cargobull’s high-tech modular chassis, which features a mix of galvanised steel and aluminium, each trailer offers corrosion protection and is provided with a 10-year warranty against rust penetration.

“The fully galvanised chassis was a really strong selling point for us," Barry added. "It gives us the confidence we’ll get a long life out of the trailers; plus they’ll continue to look good even after clocking up hundreds of thousands of kilometres.”

The trailers will be in use five-days-a-week, travelling UK-wide on general haulage work.