Plans for a nationwide strike of thousands of lorry drivers on 23 August have been delayed as the organisers try to garner more support for the action.

The strike is being organised by a Facebook group named "HGV drivers on STRIKE United Kingdom", which last week had over 3,300 members.

In its original posting the group said the strike was to demand better pay and conditions. It urged all HGV drivers to join the strike on 23 August to protest against low wages, long hours, lack of toilet facilities, increased rules and responsibilities, unsociable hours, “massive exploitation” and falling wages.

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This week, in its latest post, the group stated: “When we gather 5,000 members on this group we will choose one day to strike and hopefully everybody will join in. This is the only way for us to be respected and properly paid for our hard work.”

The post said the group has been created to unite professional drivers “in their fight for fair rates”. It warns that changes to IR35 tax regulations will affect thousands of self-employed drivers, previously operating as limited companies, causing “a huge impact on our earnings.”

It adds: “The most important and ridiculous thing is the salary on 99% of contracts and on PAYE. Most companies and agencies offer £10 net per hour for a night shift… this is unacceptable and this is clearly collusion in the transport industry so the companies can make big profits by giving scraps to their drivers. Without drivers, the industry will collapse. They need us more than we need them.”