The PetrolPromise website, which is pushing for cheaper wholesale fuel prices, has garnered 1,300 signatures of support since May.

The campaign, which was founded by Robert Halfon MP and is being supported by the Daily Mail and the Sun newspapers, wants to see pressure put on oil companies to reduce the non-tax element of the price of fuel.

It has also called for urgent action on petrol and diesel taxes to see how they can be reduced, stating on its website: “High fuel prices are literally forcing people off the roads. They have become a poverty trap, crushing businesses and families - and they are not working for the government either.”

Halfon, a historic backer of FairFuelUK, has called for a parliamentary debate on whether the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) should investigate UK fuel prices, and so far has garnered the support of 65-cross party MPs.

In April, the OFT decided not to investigate the UK oil market, after representations by the RMI, which represents independent fuel retailers. Halfon hopes a debate and subsequent coverage would encourage the regulator to take another look at the issue.

FairFuelUK has now had more than 300,000 sign-ups in its bid to tackle the crippling level of UK fuel duty.