Palletline has defended itself after residents complained that vibrations from trucks accessing its London hub in Perivale were causing property damage.

A local residents group, led by Vinny K-Maddage, has put Ealing Council and Transport for London under pressure to act.

However, Palletline said that despite having operated from Perivale for the past five years, it was only made aware that residents had concerns this August.

“As a preliminary action, Palletline implemented an alternative preferred route; instructing drivers to go under the railway bridge where possible, rather than via Bilton Road,” said Palletline MD Kevin Buchanan.

“We have offered to meet Mr K-Maddage on several occasions to discuss this in full,” he added. “We are yet to receive confirmation on a particular date, but our door remains open to all while we remain on site. For business reasons, we are reviewing our options to relocate.”

Buchanan added that the pallet network’s schedules are designed to avoid busy times and reduce daytime congestion.

A spokeswoman for Ealing Council said it had undertaken to do the following in the new year:

  • Resurface Bilton Road between Manor Park Road and Torrington Road to make the road much smoother and less likely to generate noise and disturbance.
  • Install a raised zebra crossing and a set of three cushions to reduce traffic speed and improve road safety.
  • Put in a raised speed table to the entrance of Bilton Road near the Manor Road junction (again to help reduce traffic speed