Pall-Ex has struck a deal with UK Mail Group to become the network of choice for UK Pallets customers, following the news yesterday that UK Pallets is to close.

As part of the commercial arrangement, the terms of which have not been disclosed, Pall-Ex will offer assistance to the 73 hauliers in UK Pallets as well as the customers affected by the decision.

Graeme Wilson, MD at UK Pallets, said: “We are keen to support our members and customer base in sourcing an alternative quality network that is flexible enough to meet their needs should UK Pallets cease trading as is currently proposed."

Kevin Buchanan, MD at Pall-Ex, said: “When UK Pallets advised us that they were potentially going to cease business, we expressed an interest in understanding their customer base… [so] we could provide services to customers who would have previously used UK Pallets."

Hilary Devey, founder and CEO of Pall-Ex, added that she was delighted to lend assistance to  “those qualifying hauliers who we anticipate being able to flourish within Pall-Ex”.