Pall-Ex has revamped its international pallet services, in a bid to allow customers and members to arrange overseas deliveries easily via a single booking transaction.

The revamped Connect Europe service, which makes use of the pallet network’s IT system Twine, has been revised and expanded to make it, in theory, just as easy to send freight across mainland Europe as it is to send it between UK cities.

The service features regular departures from each of Pall-Ex’s international hubs, as part of its expanding European business.

Pall-Ex has also introduced the Connect World service, which provides worldwide shipping from the UK via Pall-Ex’s logistics partners, also via a single booking transaction.

Thanks to Twine, all network customers have access to real-time track and trace data and constant contact.

Cris Stephenson, UK managing director at Pall-Ex, said: “Improvements in cross-border technology have allowed Pall-Ex to take the success of our leading operational model and apply it on continental and global levels.

“The systems we have developed in-house over the years now allow us to make the most of these developments, so that the service is efficient, reliable and cost-effective whilst also being incredibly easy for our members and customers to utilise.”