Pall-Ex has established a bespoke learning and development programme, designed to support, upskill and develop staff to be the best in business.

It said feedback from its annual engagement survey and also in exit interview feedback revealed there was a demand for more development opportunities and routes for progression.

Pall-Ex said that in a sector heavily impacted by staff shortages, nurturing and retaining staff was also essential for its future.

The Logistics Excellent Achievement Programme (LEAP) is focused on employee wellbeing and gives staff the tools to upskill, obtain knowledge, gain qualifications and feel motivated and fulfilled.

The network said it had identified gaps in training after engaging with all levels of the business and it believed LEAP provided clear objectives and learning outcomes for staff and so they would be more invested in the company’s future.

Pall-Ex Group is also using Skill Scans to ensure every employee receives training tailored to their role and ambitions.

This scoring mechanism highlights areas for improvement and provides a practical foundation to prioritise learning and monitor progress.

The initial success of LEAP has now been replicated across the business, with the launch of LEAP for Leaders extending this training to the Pall-Ex Group leadership team.

Sophie Adkins, customer service supervisor, said of the programme: “The Leap for Leaders programme has been an invaluable journey.

“The comprehensive modules, from emotional intelligence to recruiting and retaining, have equipped me with the skills and mindset to mould me into the leader I aspire to be.”