Owens Road Services has picked 3Sixty Fleet to boost its fleet risk management processes.

The Llanelli-based operator will be adopting 3Sixty’s Fleetwatch service to help it analyse and understand any road traffic incidents its employees and vehicles are involved in.

“We realised that we needed to have greater control over our fleet risk management following a road traffic accident or incident,” said Eurof Owen, operations director at Owens. “We needed to fully understand why these incidents occur, analyse the causes and take steps to try to stop them happening again.”

After every road traffic accident or incident – including near-misses - 3Sixty Fleet undertakes an interview with the driver, from which a detailed statement is prepared.  Also, where necessary, a visit to the incident location is conducted. Information is then analysed, with any trends identified and recommendations for process reviews and training suggested.

Andrew Drewary, consultant accident analyst at 3Sixty Fleet, added: “Both companies have the same proactive approach to tackling such a difficult and often dangerous area of business. Our complete focus is on protecting Owens from unnecessary risk and cost while at the same time protecting its business reputation and enhancing its brand.”

Earlier this month, Owens Road Services talked to Motortransport.co.uk about how its investment in its depot network had seen both profit and turnover rise in its most recent financial year.