HGV and van fleets are invited to take part in a free trial of a telematics system called Air.Car that provides real-time NOx emissions data.

Tracker, part of the Tantalum Corporation, said the six-month trial will contribute towards “ground-breaking” research that aims to both reduce air pollution and slash operators’ fuel costs.

For those operators taking part, a telematics unit will be fitted to fleet vehicles by Tracker, with a short training course provided to maximise the benefits of the date they will receive.

Tracker said the units can be easily connected to any vehicles’ existing on-board computers.

Fleet managers will be able to view results through a fleet management website that will display both real-time CO2 and NOx emissions, location, data reporting, driver behaviour and crash reporting.

Tracker said its existing real-time CO2 emissions product has already helped customers save an average of 15% in fuel costs through better driving; it is anticipating the new technology will also reduce NOx emissions by as much as 50% through the same driving guidance.

Imperial College London will assist in the trial by developing and verifying the technology to accurately estimate NOx emissions.

The trial has received funding from Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles.

Tracker chief operating officer David Wilson said: “Towns and cities across the UK have dangerous levels of NO2, significantly over legally allowed limits, and increasing urbanisation and congestion are only set to magnify this problem.

“Air.Car will be able to help deliver much needed emissions reduction in a smarter, cheaper and fairer way than some of the alternatives that are being considered.”

Fleets are being recruited from the public and commercial sectors as part of this trial, which will run within London and other UK cities where Clean Air Zones are to be established.

Businesses interested in taking part can register online for the trial, which will commence in December.