Filling a tank

Operators looking for ways to save money on their fuel bills via alternative technologies, could do worse than attending a free conference at the University of Glamorgan on 17 September

Held in partnership with Skills for Logistics (SfL), FUEL - Saving Money Via Resource Management, Alternative Sources, Conversion to More Valuable and Environmental Fuels, will look at efficient use of existing fuel.

It will also cover the use of alternative sources such as Methane, Hydrogen, Biomethane and CNG for trucks.

At the end of the conference, attendees will be invited to visit an anaerobic digestion laboratory where biofuels are produced.

Jack Rickard, programme manager at Skills for Logistics, says: “This is a vital event for logistics operators to attend. With 10% of greenhouse gases produced by the logistics industry, sustainability and fuel efficiency has become a crucial skill in our sector."

To attend the conference please register with Sue Green at SfL at or call 07590 445 541.