Pall-Ex Group has pledged to deliver a year of innovation in 2024 after defying “difficult market conditions” in 2023 to boost its membership by 20% and increase shareholder status to 98%.

The network also bolstered its workforce last year, recruiting more than 50 staff, which Pall-Ex said included a mix of experienced industry talent and new faces bringing knowledge from other sectors.

Looking ahead, Pall-Ex has pledged to roll out some key initiatives in 2024, including the evolution of its IT platform NexusETA, the integration of sustainable practices, and the deployment of Pall-Ex Logistics and 3PL solutions with the aim of enhancing its services to both members and customers.

Announcing its plans, Pall-Ex said: ”This reflects the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and meeting the dynamic needs of the market.”

One key development in 2024 will be the latest update to its Nexus platform, which willl see a suite of new features. 

Pall-Ex said: ”Integral to this success is the role of artificial intelligence, which has contributed to operational efficiencies. The innovative use of AI technologies, in synergy with NexusETA, has proven instrumental in delivering optimisation, decarbonisation and innovation to fleet operators.”

Decarbonisation will also continue to be a focus for the company in 2024, Pall-Ex added. It is planning to introduce an eco-friendly fleet, ranging from hybrid company cars to hydrogen/electric-fuelled forklifts in the warehouse.

Barry Byers, Pall-Ex Group UK MD, said: ”We’ve experienced a challenging year across the industry in 2023. Pall-Ex continues to thrive despite difficult market conditions, focusing on our commitment to members and delivering service excellence. We look forward to 2024, a fresh year with fresh collaborations and initiatives to look forward to.”