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Norbert Dentressangle (ND) has launched into the German logistics market after an extension to its UK Kellogg’s warehousing contract.

In what the logistics giant describes as a significant step for the business, the new contract will see ND managing the cereal manufacturer’s high-bay warehouse and co-pack operation in Bremen.

The site will employ around 100 staff and handle approximately 690,000 pallets and 16.7 million cases per year for Kellogg’s customers in Germany.

ND will also plan and manage all transport movements in and out of the site, with staff at the Kellogg’s depots in the UK and Germany working collaboratively.

Kellogg’s supply chain director, Germanics, Joerg-Peter Miklis, said: “There are clear advantages in working with a single logistics provider across two of our major European.

“This has been borne out by a seamless transition and implementation process in Bremen and we look forward to reaping the benefits of this strategic partnership.”