A report into the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) suggests long awaited changes to make hauliers’ lives easier may not happen for at least another four years.

The review of the 33-year-old scheme by London Councils’ Transport & Environment Committee stated that any increase or decrease in the hours of control of the LLCS needed more research.

It said: “Work on this will commence in January 2019 and is likely to proceed in conjunction with all other enforcement recommendations for 18 months.”

Hauliers have also complained about the scheme only affecting vehicles over 18-tonnes, which doesn’t take into account the noise created by trucks with a lower gross weight.

But the review said again it would undertake further research into this and added: “Views from the freight industry and boroughs differed in this respect.

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"Timescales for this work would be the same as with the hours of control, taking 18 months from January 2019.”

One MT reader complained: “London Councils started a working party two years’ ago and they have got nowhere with it so far.

“The earliest there will be a report will be 2020, then for approval you’ll need traffic orders. It takes six months to get them out, then there will be discussions, consultations and I don’t think anything will happen at all until 2022.

“They are kidding us.”