CM 20.08.15Nick Jones, Traffic Commissioner

CM 20.08.15 Nick Jones, Traffic Commissioner

Traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Jones is to become the first full time TC for Wales.

Jones (pictured), whose role is currently split between Wales and the West Midlands, has been appointed by the Welsh Government to cover the traffic area full time from 1 October.

Several TCs will be redeployed as a result. From 31 October Nick Denton, currently TC for London and the South East, will become TC for the West Midlands; Sarah Bell, currently TC for the West of England, will cover London and the South East; and Kevin Rooney, currently North East TC, will move to the West region.

Rooney will retain his role in the North East while a replacement TC for region is sought.

Senior TC Beverley Bell said: “I congratulate my colleague Mr Jones on his appointment as the first, full time traffic commissioner for Wales. His commitment to proper regulation in the country is well established and I know his knowledge and expertise will be vital in setting up a full time service for operators and the travelling public.

“I am also confident that the redeployment of my fellow commissioners Mr Denton, Miss Bell and Mr Rooney will ensure these three diverse regions continue to be regulated efficiently, effectively and proportionately.”

The lack of a separate TC for Wales has long been questioned by the industry.

In the TCs’ annual reports for 2014-15, Jones said the interests of Welsh operators and the safety of the Welsh public had “not been given the primacy it deserves” and he was concerned that the country was treated as if it were part of the West Midlands traffic area.

Jones said of his appointment: “I am delighted to be Wales’s first, full-time traffic commissioner. I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Welsh Government, local authorities, and other stakeholders to educate, advise and support the lorry, bus and coach industries.”

Beverley Bell will step down from her roles as TC for the North West and senior TC next spring.