NFT truck

NFT has beaten rivals to a primary logistics contract with Adams Foods, that will run for a minimum of three years.

Operated from NFT’s flagship Daventry DC, the deal will include the handling of more than 3,500 pallets per week of cheese and butter products, including Kerrygold and Pilgrims’ Choice brands. This equates to 14.5 million cases of product per year being delivered to major retailers and foodservice providers.

The contract includes total primary logistics services from the collection of stock, to full warehousing and distribution to retailers’ regional DCs.

NFT says that the challenging tender process required it to demonstrate how it could help Adams Foods ensure future supply chain efficiencies, which it did through an analytical, strategic modeling exercise.

Dale Fiddy, NFT sales & marketing director, says: “Adams Foods will benefit from our extensive network and time-critical planning expertise.”

Ian Toal, CEO at Adams Foods, adds: "NFT's knowledge in logistics capability and their intelligent link between customers and manufacturer, means they are a pivotal part of our growth plans."