NFT Distribution is to fit low rolling resistance tyres across its fleet of 430 tractor units and 550 trailers.

The operator has used Bandvulc tyres since 2010 and after extensive trials has become the first fleet to adopt Bandvulc’s new Dynamic tyre range, complemented by new low rolling resistance tyre brands on the steer axles. Although the expected fuel savings have not been revealed, testing of the Dynamic tyre indicated they could be up to 10% more fuel efficient.

David Seaton, NFT's fleet engineer, said: “The trials have been well organised to enable us to show consistent averages which made the decision easy for me. The calculations were based on the cost of change to lessening tyre wear performances and product costs, this has been accounted for and post these investigations we still expect to show enough difference to make a noticeable change to our business.”

The tyre supply and maintenance contract with NFT is held by Bandvulc's Tyre Maintenance division. Paul Fields, director of sales and operations at Tyre Maintenance, said: “We have conducted the trials in standard operating conditions and they show that whilst every element of fuel efficiency technologies such as driving styles and aerodynamics are taken into account, the tyre element does have a significant impact. We have a programme of change in place which adopts a common sense approach to tyre changes in order that the Dynamic tyres are entered into the business as quickly and efficiently as possible for both parties and we thank NFT for their support in this programme.”