NFT has revealed more details in regards its plan to venture south and open a substantial new facility, in its bid to take a larger slice of the UK’s £38bn imported food market.

The operator, which revealed its plan to last month, hopes a new warehouse in the region will help increase its annual turnover from £170m to £250m within four years as part of its growth plan for the business.

While the exact location of the temperature-controlled facility has not been released, NFT has now said the location will be located to provide access to the ports of Dover and Folkestone, as well as Purfleet, Tilbury and London Gateway.

Dale Fiddy, sales and marketing director at NFT, said: “NFT’s national coverage through strategically placed regional depots is second to none. We already dominate the ‘Golden Triangle’ area in the Midlands, and by locating in the South East we can streamline retail and manufacturing customers supply chains further.

“This will provide substantial reductions in the costs of distribution, inventory and food wastage, whilst at the same time helping to boost consumer sales.”

NFT said it would make a further announcement in regards the new location in August.