A fully integrated vehicle telematics and camera system is providing one fleet operator with a training programme that it claimed had reduced accidents by almost a quarter.

Industrial gas provider Air Products said the introduction of app-based technology had enabled a room full of drivers to review incidents captured on forward-facing HGV cameras in its fleet.

Its telematics captures information from the vehicles relating to driving efficiency and safety and, combined with data from the cameras, it has rolled out a training programme to improve driver behaviour and performance.

Graham Hall, European logistics manager at Air Products said it could offer bitesize sessions for HGV drivers, where they can review incidents in collaboration with “assigned coaches”.

He said: “Having video footage gives everyone clear visibility of the situation and the app generates a two-way dialogue in near-real time around the circumstances.

“When safe to do so, the driver can watch the video, read the comments from their coach in the app and enter their own reply; this speeds up the coaching process and experience, especially where drivers work long hours or are based in remote locations.”

Hall added that the Data Enabled Driver Coaching Programme had led to a 23% reduction in preventable accidents in the first year.

Driver Gary Norris said: “I feel that giving me the training by video in these short clips is more engaging than taking me off the road.

“I can review the clips in the cab when it’s convenient to me and has my full attention.”

Meanwhile, dash-cam supplier Ring Automotive said it had added two new cameras to its range, which could protect CV drivers in the event of an accident.

The TradePRO1 and Trade PRO2 dash cams offer a 110-degree or 120-degree lens and either 32GB or 64GB of storage.

Henry Bisson, Ring Automotive marketing manager, said it was seeing a growing awareness of the benefits offered by in-vehicle cameras: “When involved in a collision, it’s understandable to miss key details, and even harder to secure evidence that will help settle insurance claims,” he added.