The new Scania R-series and S-series long haul tractor units that were unveiled this week were a big hit with the 1,200 major customers, dealers and press from around the world at a super-slick launch event in the Grand Palais in Paris. 

Ten years and SEK20bn (£1.8bn ) in the development, the new trucks received rave reviews from the 25 strong UK contingent, which was made up of some of Scania's biggest fleet buyers and dealers principals.

Andrew Malcolm, chief executive of the 2016 Motor Transport Haulier of the Year Malcolm Logistics, said the new truck was “stunning” and Scania had “excelled themselves”. He said that while the R-series would remain the mainstay of the fleet there would be at least one S-series on order as a “showpiece”.

The headline feature that will appeal most to fleet buyers is a 5% fuel efficiency gain over the already frugal existing tractor range. Extensive road testing of the new range before the launch has found that adding in every single fuel-saving option now available efficiency gains of up to 11% are possible.


The all-new cabs were developed from a blank sheet of paper in association with Scania sister company Porsche Engineering and improved aerodynamics contribute a 2% fuel saving.

Panels fit tighter to provide smooth low drag surfaces, lights are all flush fitting and under bumper air dams improve air flow under the cab.

Completely revised cab interiors are said to provide the best working environment for drivers, with extra room and better visibility coming as a result of moving the driver 65mm forward and 20mm further out in the cab.

Standards of trim, climate control, “infotainment” and noise inside the cab have been designed to rival those in premium car brands. New safety features include the first rollover side air curtain fitted to a commercial vehicle and a 2m shorter stopping distance at 80kph thanks to the front axle being moved 50mm forward and improved brakes.

The new top of the range S-series is the first Scania with a flat floor and will appeal to drivers spending prolonged periods away from home. A driver would have to be 207cm (6ft 9in) tall to touch his head on the roof of this spacious cab.

The heavily revised powertrains are 3% more efficient than the third generation Euro-6 units they replace and the line-up of SCR-only, fixed-geometry turbo, 12.7 litre DC13 straight six engines has been increased to three power ratings of 410, 450 and 500hp with a 370hp version coming soon.

The V8 16.4 litre DC16 engine is available in 520hp, 580hp and the top rating of 730hp under both the R-series and S-series cabs. Added to the existing 7 litre engine there are now 54 engine variants available and an improved Opticruise auto 'box shifts gears 45% faster than before.

As well lower fuel costs, Scania is promising that this new generation of trucks will only be called in for maintenance when they actually need it rather than on fixed mileage intervals.

Under Scania Maintenance service with Flexible Plans, all trucks are connected and it is their actual use, rather than the traditional mileage or calendar method, which determines how they are to be serviced. As a result service intervals can be extended to up to 150,000kms with no effect on the legendary Scania reliability and uptime – the new trucks have a design life of 2m kms.

Further additions to the new ranges, as well as replacements for the urban and construction P-series and G-series, will follow over the next 12 months.