Vision Techniques is launching a new safety system at Freight in the City that will prevent an HGV from rolling away if the handbrake has not been applied.

VTBrakeSafe automatically applies a vehicle’s handbrake if the driver has forgotten to use it, as well as providing an audible alarm.

Technical manager Nigel Armstrong said the company recognised the need for a failsafe system to prevent incidents of rollaway accidents affecting freight vehicles, and began working on the design earlier this year.

“We’re very proud to be the only provider of a system that will stop a vehicle automatically without driver interaction, essentially taking away the risk of unexpected movement,” he added.

The company said the new system has been installed onto fleet vehicles at Craven Council in Skipton.

Craven Council fleet manager Steve Parkinson said: “It’s a simple solution to a potentially devastating problem. Having a failsafe like this on a vehicle is a health and safety necessity. We’re really happy VT came to us first with this system.”

As the handbrake system has been developed in-house by Vision Techniques’ own technical team, VT BrakeSafe will integrate with other safety products such as recording or telematic systems to provide data and statistics to fleet managers.

Armstrong added: “We are in the process of installing trials with some of our biggest customers and we’re proud to bring new innovation to our customers, once again leading the way in vehicle safety.”

VT BrakeSafe is being launched at Freight in the City Expo at Alexandra Palace on Tuesday 27 October, alongside the new cyclist-detection system VT TurnAware. Why not register now to attend the urban logistics event of the year!